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There goes the neighbourhood: local stories, not hackneyed.


16th September, 8pm.

Clapton Residence.


A night of stories, spoken word and shared experience from new and established writers living East.



Short Story Club #2

'Cortes and Montezuma' by Donald Barthelme

7pm, Thursday 11th June

at Brick Lane Bookshop.

Each month, short story writers and fans Jarred McGinnis

and Kate Ellis will host a discussion on a published story.




Birkbeck University at London Short Story Festival


June 20th, Waterstones Picadilly, 12pm


A discussion on what it's like to do an MA in Creative Writing, plus readings.

Short Story Club #1

'The Other Place' by Mary Gaitskill

7pm, Thursday 14th May

at Brick Lane Bookshop.

Each month, short story writers and fans Jarred McGinnis

and Kate Ellis host a discussion on a published story.

Our first choice is the grim but brilliant 'The Other Place'

by Mary Gaitskill.



Rough Trade Nottingham


February 8th, 4pm.

UK launch of Transportation: Islands and Cities



Brick Lane Bookshop


February 12th Feb, 7pm.


London launch of Transportation: Islands and Cities



I was asked by fellow writer and Brick Lane Bookshop Writers Lab attendee Maz to contribute to The Writers Process Blog Tour.


The Blog tour is a kind of chain letter for writers to explore and share their working process and ideas. Here is my entry:


What am I working on?


'Collection A', my first collection of short stories. The stories are mostly London based, with a close-up focus on one, two or three characters. Themes include love, choices, sexuality, grief and responsibility. I am also studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck.


How does my work differ from others of it's genre?


Really difficult question. I'm told my stories have an underlying sense of menace, but are also quite tender, even moving. I try to acknowledge fleeting thoughts, observations or images; details that bring a story to life.


Why do I write what I do?


I never plan anything, ideas come as I type. I suppose ideas are floating about in my head and when I type, some get through the filter and some don't. Elusive little doors in your head open up and show you something you didn't know was there.


How does my writing process work?


I generally take the scatter gun approach to short story writing. If I have a deadline looming, I'll start writing three or four stories at once. Hopefully, one of them will become more interesting than the others and it grows into something bigger. Short stories, once started are like problems to solve. Often I don't figure out what a story is about until I get to the end. After the first rough draft, I go back and alter and/or erase the beginning for it to make sense.


I have passed the blog baton on to fellow Myriad Editions shortlistee Zoe Gilbert and Open Pen editor Sean Preston, they will share their processes next week.


To read my work visit Open Pen.


To hear it, visit The Wireless Reader.


For updates, find me on Twitter @katesmalleyelli


Thank you for reading.



In Yer Ear at the Literary Kitchen Festival.


October 13th, from 8pm at the Peckham Pelican


Kate will be reading.





The Open Pen Anthology


featuring 'Lazylegs' and 'Great Uncle Ron'




Reading 23rd March at Burley Fisher Books



The Mechanics' Institute Review Issue 12 launched Thursday 24th September.


Featuring 'Are We Nearly There?' by Kate Smalley Ellis.


Available in many good bookshops soon. Definitely at Brick Lane Bookshop.


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